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Rod Stewart reveals model railway passion

January 21st, 2011 by

Rocker Rod Stewart has confessed to having a secret pastime.

Mystery has often surrounded his request for a large table in his dressing room, but he has decided to come clean and admit that he uses it to make miniature buildings for his model train set.

And according to US magazine Model Railroader, the 66-year-old insists on staying sober so that he can concentrate, and he even has a fan so that the glue fumes don’t affect his voice.

He told the publication, ‘I can’t build after a couple of glasses of wine – the results are never good.

He explained that a good model builder has ‘an eye for proportion, a sense of what fits naturally, right down to the placement of the advertising signs.’

‘When I find myself focusing so intently on a model that it ceases to be fun, it’s time to walk away, have a cup of tea, and come back to it later,’ he added.

The star confided that he can spend up to four hours a day indulging in his passion, and that he has a 1,500 sq ft (139 sq m) model train layout on the third floor of his Beverly Hills home.

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New Scenerybuilder.com website published

May 26th, 2010 by

The new version of Scenerybuilder.com has been published and all downloads are now FREE!

There is a bright new look to the website and a handy new bookshop has been added where you can order books and DVDs on model railways, model cars and other model transport using Amazon’s secure checkout. there is also a section on model figures.

A search feature for any other item in Amazon’s huge selection is featured on each page. Please use this for anything you need to buy on Amazon as it helps to fund my work, thus providing you with more downloadable model building kits and textures.

That’s it for now, I must get on and finish those kits that are in the pipeline. Click here to read more on the revamped website.

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6 Reasons To Use Cereal Box Card for Model Buildings

May 19th, 2010 by

It might seem a bit eccentric, collecting used cereal boxes from your friends. I have lost count of how many times I have answered the question; “What do you use them for?”

With only two of us in the household, we don’t eat enough to keep me supplied so I ask friends to keep theirs for me, this keeps a regular supply coming in. I have gathered quite a good supply to use for scratchbuilding and for model building kit prototypes.

So, why do I use It?

1. It’s FREE

What better reason could there be? Whether you are building one of my kits or scratchbuilding, if there is an opportunity to save money then go for it! After all, where’s the point in throwing away your hard earned cash on buying materials when there is a more than suitable FREE alternative?

My kits are diliberately designed around this principle, they are free to download, and there are minimal costs involved in building them. This saves you money to spend on other items that you need to buy for your model layout or diorama.

2. It’s Good Quality

Yes, it’s surprising how good the card used for cereal packaging is! Most boxes will provide two sheets of almost A4 card plus an offcut or two from the sides for smaller items. Provided the boxes are not crushed, the card is flat and can be either used on it’s own for small items or laminated together for larger ones.

You need to take care on your choice of adhesive to laminate it or when applying paper textures etc. but there is help here. As well as my own past experience, I have carried out tests and will share the results in a future post. Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up to date on new posts or click here to go to the Scenerybuilder.com home page and sign up for my FREE email newsletter.

3. It’s the perfect thickness

The card used in cereal packaging is about 0.5 to 0.6mm thick. On it’s own it is very easy to cut accurately with a sharp scalpel or modelling knife and laminated into double or triple thicknesses it still cuts well.

A single thickness with paper textures applied is just the right thickness for a single brick in 2mm scale so a perfect thickness for walls especially when the building has sash windows as the whole brick thickness should be seen on the reveals. Similarly a double lamination is perfect for 4mm scale etc.

However, cutting arches or other intricate features accurately in double or triple thicknesses is not easy so this can be done before lamination, perfect!

4. It’s strong

When used laminated cereal box card can be offset at the building corners creating a step each side of the joint. This makes for very strong corner joints and together with internal walls here and there creates a robust model building.

5. Reuse is even better than Recycling

Recycling card uses energy which uses up valuable resources, mostly fossil fuel at the moment which is cannot be replaced. Of course recycling is better than cutting down more trees than is necessary so all my offcuts get recycled.

If you recycle all your packaging and go out and buy new card, it has an effect on the environment but reuse of card is so much better, no energy is used!

6. It’s good for you

As I see it, there are three options for food at breakfast time:

  • None at all which is not good for you.
  • Cooked breakfast which is complicated, time consuming and if it’s fried, it’s not good for you.
  • Cereal which is yummy, has added vitamins and if you don’t go for the sort that needs sugar piling on top, it’s good for you. You also get the FREE card to use for your model buildings!

So there you have it, 6 reasons why you should use cereal box card for your model buildings and six reasons to go to Scenerybuilder.com and download a FREE PDF card model building kit which is designed for reused card.

When youv’e finished, if you like what youve built, why not leave a donation towards the development of more FREE kits.

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Scenerybuilder.com website to be revamped

May 18th, 2010 by

Hello everyone, my name is Mick Stock, welcome to my first blog post.

Yesterday, I installed WordPress and spent the whole afternoon getting my head round the settings that I need for now. There’s still loads to sort out but I’ve done enough to be up and running.

I’ve decided to revamp the Scenerybuilder.com website, give it a fresh new look and write articles as a blog rather than pages on the website. I think a blog is more dynamic whereas website pages tend to be more static. Of course a blog is also interactive as it invites comments, this is important in our hobby as everyone has different skills and knowledge which can be shared.

There has been a ‘Coming soon’ page on the website for some time giving a list of what I am working on and intend to do next. This has not changed but I have had to meet deadlines on my facade and roof glazing design business which pays the bills. If you are interested you can see what I do at www.mick-stock.co.uk.

Anyway, back to Scenerybuilder.com, I have decided to make the website more personal as I am an individual. Wherever it said ‘we’ it will now be ‘I’, ‘us’ will be ‘me’ etc. But there is another most important change that will be a huge benefit to users of the website:

All downloads will be FREE!

Yes FREE! How am I going to do this? After all, a great deal of time goes into creating good textures and designing quality PDF card model building kits. Well, I am going to add some advertising and invite donations from anyone who feels that they have benefited from what I am doing.

So, that’s the news for now, I have lots of work to do on the website and those card model building kits will not design themselves.

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